Simple .net update checker & installer downloader. You provide, somewhere on the net, an rss xml file that advertises latest version. You also provide release notes. This library then checks for an update in the background, shows the user the release notes, and offers to download the new installer.


23 December 2014 Bluewalk: Since the development seems very quiet, I have forked this project and started adding fixes from other forks into this fork. Also I started to add improvements to the library as well including:

  • Cleaning up the project files
  • Set proxy to use default credentials if available (jimgraham)
  • Prettied up the release notes overview
  • Fixed not showing the installed version and app name in the Softare Update window
  • Added option to make the toast optional
  • Added option to use the NetSparkle icon if wanted
  • Stopped using .NET 4 Client profile
  • Added options RelaunchAfterUpdate (which defines if the app needs to be relaunced after update) and CustomInstallerArguments which allows you to add arguments to the update command line (as per
  • Added support for Windows installer patches (MSP)