Pushover Windows Client is an Pushover Open Client implementation specially made for Windows.

Using the official Pushover for Desktop client requires you to have your browser open at all time. With this Windows client you don't longer need to have a browser open. The application will automatically notify you when a push message arrives using a nice popup.

If that push message contains an address to an image, it will be automatically downloaded and shown as well. Furthermore it contains all the features the official Pushover App has, including acknowledging priority 2 notifications and all of the Pushover sounds.



This is an Pushover Open Client implementation and can therefore stop working at any time. Do not expect any support from Pushover and Superblock, LLC.

Pushover Windows Client is in not in any way involved with or supported by Pushover and Superblock, LLC.


Main screen

Options screen



Fixed an UTF8 encoding issue which caused UTF8 characters to appear as question marks.

- Make sure the window becomes the topmost window when you activate the program through the system tray.
- Added status bar with connectivity info
- Prevent duplicate links in message context menu when the message contains duplicate links
- Minor fixes

Fixed a bug that could cause Windows shutdowns to take longer

Bugfix for not automatically closing prio -1 popups

- Implementation updated using the latest Pushover Open Client API
- Minimize just minimizes, close button closes the app to the systray
- Automatically close popup after X seconds (changeable in the Options dialog)
- Changed disclaimer
- Conform to the Pushover Distribution Guidelines
- Automatically select first message if available after choosing an application
- Show all messages if no application chosen
- Automatically reconnect on some connection failure
- Changed app logo due to the Pushover Distribution Guidelines

Initial release to the public

First beta