This Switch King plugin enables support for sending commands to devices using the RFXcom transceiver (RFXtrx).

Switch King is a home automation software package which allows you to control your lights, window shutters etc through 433.9Mhz. The application uses a Telldus Tellstick or Duo to send wireless signals to remote power switches to turn them on or off.

The problem is that the Telldus has no collision detection, resulting in the fact that sometimes signals are missed resulting in your lights not going on or off. Now there's also the RFXcom RFXtrx which has collision detection, unfortunately Switch King has only support for receiving signals but not for sending commands. That's where this plugin comes in, it brings support for sending commands to Switch King.

Supported devices

The list below shows which devices in Switch King are able to be controlled with the RFXcom. For devices that are unsupported the plugin will fall back to the Telldus Stick or Telldus Duo connected.

ManufacturerCode SwitchSelf Learning On/OffSelf Learning Dimmer
Bye Bye Standby      


  1. Stop all Switch King services
  2. Place the DLL file from the downloaded archive into the Plugins folder located in your Switch King Server folder (usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\Switch King\Switch King Server).
  3. Optional: Replace the SwitchKing.Wrappers.RFXCom.dll file located in your Switch King Server folder for improved reception/decoding of RFXcom messages. (This DLL is included in the ZIP file until the Switch King team updates theirs as well.)
  4. Extract the "EnableRFXtrx.txt" file from the archive to a temporary location and edit the file to change Com3 to the correct COM-port your RFXcom is on.
  5. Browse to the Switch King Server folder and run ServerGUI.exe (with administrator rights).
  6. On the first tab click "Run script..." and select the "EnableRFXtrx.txt" file you've just edited
  7. Start the Switch King services


I'm seeing a lot of "{RFXComWrapper} --<Warning> -- <timestamp> -- Message decoding failed. This could be due to that a received message is unsupported by RFX firmware or that Switch King could not find a suitable decoder for the message. Two messages received at the same time can also cause interference, thereby causing decoding to fail." messages in the Switch King Log, is this normal?
Yes, the RFXcom reports a message back after sending out a command/signal. Switch King is currently unable to decode these messages. If you look closely these messages follow a previous log entry from the plugin itself. It's safe to ignore these warnings in the log.
If you replace the SwitchKing.Wrappers.RFXCom.dll file with the one supplied by us, these messages will dissapear. It will also allow Switch King to decode more RFXcom messages

Are you affiliated with the Switch King team?
Nope. However I did receive the source code for SwitchKing.Wrappers.RFXCom.dll which allowed me to improve the receiving end of RFXcom.

When using your plugin, my KAKU dummers dim on/off/on/off... for five times, what's going on here?
This is not a problem of the plugin, when KAKU dimmers receive the same signal twice, they start rotating between dimlevels for about five times. At the third signal they will stop doing that again. Make sure you use a send count of just once in Switch King. This should be sufficient as the RFXcom performs way better than the Telldus.


Go to the Switch King forum thread for contacting us or for support:



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